WANG Yanmei

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: Wang Yan-mei

PositionProfessor of Law

Research interests: commercial law; financial law; securities law; negotiable instruments law; Corporate law; contract law.

Profile: Professor yanmei Wang joined Jilin University School of Law in  2001. She currently holds positions in a number of academic institutions, including director of the China Commercial Law Academy, director of the China Association for Legal Education. She has published widely in top chinese journals including Contemporary Law Review(CSSCI), commercial research(CSSCI), Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University(Social Sciences) (CSSCI) ,Northern Legal Science(CSSCI), Information Science(CSSCI). Contemporary Economy of Japan) (CSSCI).she has also successfully secured a number of research projects and grants.


1. WANG Yanmei,&LI Zeyu,Research on Blockchain Financial Supervision Mode: Problems,References and Paths,commercial research(CSSCI),2020.3.p145-152. (in Chinese)

2. WANG Yanmei,ZHU Ya-ning, Unlimited Shareholder Liability for Corporate Environmental TortsA Legal and Economic Analysis, Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University(Social Sciences) (CSSCI)2019.6,p114-122. (in Chinese)

3. WANG Yanmei ,The legal function orientation of government and market in the construction of enterprise credit information transmission mechanism, Contemporary Law Review(CSSCI)2019.5, p109-117. (in Chinese)

4. WANG YanmeiZHU Yaning, On the Scope of DirectorsLiability for Breach of Fiduciary Duty—Start with the Responsibility of Directors in the“Doing Business”Report of the World Bank, Northern Legal Science(CSSCI)2019.2,p42-53. (in Chinese)

5. WANG YanmeiGUO Yuanyuan, Judicial Adjudication Study on Bene?ciary Liability for Environmental Tort ,Environmental Protection,2015.15,P54-56. (in Chinese)

6. WANG Yanmei ,On the influence of bill relation to cause relation, Contemporary Law Review(CSSCI)2015.4, p79-85. (in Chinese)

7. WANG Yan-mei, YU Yue, On the Authorization to Right of Communication Through Information Network for Public Digital Library ,Information Science(CSSCI)2015.4,p64-68. (in Chinese)

8. WANG Yan-mei, YU Da-hai, The Confrontation on Medicial Disputes Identification, Medicine & Philosophy2014.10,p65-68,88. (in Chinese)

9. WANG Yan-mei, ZHANG Yi-rui, An empirical Study on earnings Distribution litigation of Limited liability companies in China ,Social Science Front(CSSCI)2014.3,P264-266. (in Chinese)

10. WANG Yan-mei, XIE Qian, The Ownership of Cadaver and the Exertion of the Ownership, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology(Social Sciences Edition) (CSSCI)2013.5,p795-801. (in Chinese)

11. WANG Yan-mei, PANG Yunxi, The Rules of Japanese Incomplete Instrument and Its Implication for China ,Contemporary Economy of Japan) (CSSCI) 2013.1,p35-42.(in Chinese)

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