LI Xin

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-25

Name: Li Xin

PositionLecturer of Jilin University School of Law

Research interests: fundamental theory of civil law, personality right law, law of succession

Profile: Doctor of Law

Major Publications:

1. External Board of Director System in American Corporate Law, Law and Social Development, No.5, 2002.

2. Legal Mechanism of Preventing Credit Crisis of Commercial Banks, Chinese Yearbook of Commercial Law, 10, 2002.

3. Particular Demonstration of Theory of Appearance in the Law of Negotiable Instruments, Contemporary Law Review, No.5, 2005.

4. On the Protection of Spousal Rights in Civil Law, Knowledge, No.9, 2004.

5. Fairness and Efficiency: the Basic Objective of Economic Law, Law and Economics, No.6, 2006.

6. Research on Solovyof’s Jurisprudence, monograph, Law Press China, 2015.

7. Research on the Ecological Legal System of Russia, coauthor, Jilin University Press, 2003.

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