LI Hongxiang

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-24

Name: Li Hongxiang


Research interests: Civil law; Marriage and family law; Inheritance law; Womens human rights

Profile: Prof.Li received his PhD in Law from Jilin University. He is the deputy director of Center for Women’s Studies at Jilin University, Vice-President of Marriage Law Institute of China Law Society; and member of expert panel on gender equality in policies and law.

Selective Publications:

1. Study on System of Domestic Relation Law Based on Civil Code in China, China Legal Publishing House (2014).

2. Study on Marriage Law, Changchun Publishing House (2000).

3. Rule of Administrative Law from the Perspective of Culture, Jilin People’s Press (2007).

4. Civil Law (textbook, China Democratic and Legal Publishing House, 2006 ).

5. Study on the Limits of State Intervention in Domestic Violence, Tribune of Political Science and Law, 02.2020.

6. The Pros and Cons of Harsh Divorce Clause, Seeking Truth, 01, 2020.

7. Reflection on the Constitution of Matrimonial Common Debt, Hanjiang Tribune, 07, 2018.

8. Legislation on Women’s Employment Rights on the Basis of the Two-child Policy, Social Science Front, 10, 2017

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