CAO Xianfeng

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: Cao Xianfeng

Position:Professor ,Vice Dean of Law School

Research interests: Civil law

Profile: Cao Xianfeng, male, is a member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of law, the second "top ten outstanding young jurist of Jilin province" and “the third level candidate for the fifth top-notch innovative talents of Jilin province”. Now he is the vice dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Jilin University Law School. He is also the legislative advisory expert of the Legislative Work Committee of Changchun Municipal People's Congress and legislative affairs office of Changchun Municipal People’s Government, a member of Expert Consultative Committee of Changchun Municipal People’s Procuratorate and a researcher of Yantai University Sino-European Tort Law Research Institute, etc. He has served as assistant of the president of the second civil division of Changchun Municipal Intermediate People's Court and visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison as visiting scholar. He has published 2 academic monographs, more than 50 papers in core journals such as Chinese Journal of Law and co-edited more than ten legal textbooks. He has led more than 20 National Social Science Fund projects at all levels, of which the results have won the third prize of Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Science of Jilin province, the first prize of Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Science of Changchun and many other prizes. He has participated and made keynotes in many important academic conferences at home and abroad.

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