ZHANG Dandan

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: Zhang Dandan

Positionassociate professor


Research interests: Intellectual Property Law

Profile: Zhang Dandan received her PhD in Law from Jilin University in 2008. Her research has centered on Copyright Issues related to Cyberspace and Technology, Right of publicity, Intellectual Property Protection of Technology and Judicial Practices in Intellectual Property Law. She teaches Intellectual Property Law for law students and Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Judicial Practices of Intellectual Property Law for postgraduates.


1. Copyright Risks and Countermeasures in the Utilization of Postgraduate Dissertation, in Degree and Postgraduate Education, 6,2016;

2. Analysis on the legal protection path of Titles of Film or Television Program, in Contemporary Law Review, 1, 2015;

3. On the Copyright Protection of Magic, in Journal of Beijing institute of technology, 5, 2013;

4. The Conflict and Balance of Interests in the Relationship of Merchandising Right, in Shandong Social Science, 12, 2011;

5. Limitations and Countermeasures of Copyright Law in Protecting Fictional Characters , in Law Science, 4, 2010;

6. The Application of Intellectual Property Law to the Copycat Phenomenon, in Academic Review, 6, 2010;

7. Comment on the Patterns of Extraterritorial Legal Protection of Merchandising Right of Real Personage Image, in Social Science Journal, 5, 2010;

8. On the Cognizance of Tort Liability for Merchandising Right, in Journal of Northeastern University(Social Science), 9,2010.

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