WANG Chong

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23


PositionProfessor/Doctoral Supervisor

Research interests: Criminal Law



PhD: Jilin University, 2005

MA: Jilin University, 2001

BA: South China Normal University, 1997

Work history:

Assistant: Jilin University, 2001-2004

Lecturer: Jilin University, 2004-2008

Associate Professor: Jilin University,2008-2013

Professor: Jilin University, 2013-

Experience Overseas:

Visitor Scholar: Kokushikan University,2002-2004

Visitor Scholar: Boston College,2018-2019


1. Return from Theory to Practice: Discussion on the Arrangement Order of Constitutive Elements in Chinese Criminal Constitution (Law and Social Development) No.3 2003

2Outline the Principle of Crimes and Punishment Stipulated by Law (Law and Social Development) No.3 2005

3On the Realization of the Rationality of the Value Choice in the Criminology System (Law and Social Development) No.3 2006

4The Comparison and Reconstruction of Chinese-Japanese Crime Theory System——From the Perspective of the Relationship between Behavior theory and Crime Theory (China Legal Science) No.6 2006

5Between System and Function: On the Relationship between constructive factors of crime and the illegality (Science of Law) No.2 2011

6On the concept of crime in the view of problem classification (Journal of Renmin University of China) No.3 2012

7On the Attribute Problem of Constitutive Elements: Advocacy of Illegal and Responsible Type Theory (Science of Law) No.2 2016

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