SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23

Name: Meng Rong

Position: Lecturer, PhD in Law


Research interests: Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Judicial and Public Policy


Born on October 20,1990;  Heze, Shandong Province;

   2019.12—      Sociology Postdoctor of Jilin University

  2016.8—2019.6  Jilin University, Major in Jurisprudence, PhD in Law

  2013.8—2016.6  Jilin University, Major in Jurisprudence, Master of Law

  2009.8—2013.6  Linyi University, Major in Law, Bachelor of Law


1. How Chinese Court Enforce Public Policy Through Judicial Adjudication——Taking the Cases of Chinese Court Enforcing ‘ Socialist Core Values ’ as the Analysis Object”, Law Review, No.3, 2018.

2. Analysis of Mechanism for Implementation of Public Policy in China’s Court——Taking the Documents that the Court Provides Guarantee for the Construction of ‘ One Belt And One Road ’ as the Analysis Object, Political Science and Law, No.3, 2017.

3. “Accelerating the Establishment of the Legal Systems with Chinese Characteristics: A Summary of the Symposium on High-Level Seminar on China Legal Science”, Law and Social Development, No.6, 2016.

4. On the Legal Dimension of the National Identity of China”, Public Law Studies, Vol.16, 2017.

5. “Reflection on Legal Transplantation and Rise of Pragmatic Legal Transplantation in Contemporary China”, Journal of Gansu Institute of Political Science and Law, No.2, 2015.

6. “The Enlightenment of Unger’s Proposition of Rule of Law to the Construction of Rule of Law in China”, Yuelu Law Review, Vol.10, 2016.

7. “ ‘Power of God’ in Modern Society——Investigation of Modernity Based on Michel Foucault’s Power Theory”, Graduate Law Review, No.6, 2014.

8. “The Spirit Dimension of Legal Governance——On Berman’s ‘Law and Religion”, Journal of Inner Mongolia Agriculture University, No.5, 2014.

9. “Presiding Judge, Why are you a Kitchener——The Dilemma and Way Out for Chinese Judges’ Management: Towards Virtue Jurisprudence”, Jurisprudence in Life, Vol.3, 2015.

10. “State Ownership’s Problem, Analysis and Problem-solving——The Reflection of Ebony Case in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province”, Jurisprudence in Life, Vol.3, 2015.

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