SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-08-31

Name: LV  Li


Research interests: Chinese law system and etiquette law, criminal law history, legal culture.  


Prof. Lv serves as the executive chairman of the China Institute of Legal History and the chairman of the Law Construction Research Institute of Jilin Law Society. She has presided over the Youth Project of National Social Science Fund “Comparative Research on Ceremonial Law Culture”, the General Project of National Social Science Fund “Research on the Laws, Conventions and Ceremonial Relationships of the Qing Dynasty”, and Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Project of the Ministry of Education “Origin and System of Chinese Ancient Law”, National Rule of Law and Legal Theory Research Project of Ministry of Justice “Traditional Cautious Penalty Outlook and Death Penalty Control”, etc. Currently she is in charge of the key project of Ministry of Justice “Research on the Control Mechanism of Death Penalty in Ancient China”. Many of her academic papers have been published in journals such as “Chinese Journal of Law”, and reprinted by “Chinese Social Science Digest”, “China University Academic Abstracts”, “Copy Press of Renmin University”. Her Academic works have been awarded by the  Ministry of Justice, China Institute of Legal History, as well as the first and second places at provincial level.

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