LI Yongjun

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23


Position:Professor of Jurisprudence

Research interests: Jurisprudence, Legal Culture, Judicature


   Prof. Li YongjunPhD of Law, doctoral supervisor of Law School of Jilin University. Executive director of China Jurisprudence Research Association, Director of the National Association of Foreign Legal History, Director of Dong Biwu Law Thoughts Research Association, Executive vice president of Jilin Legal Culture Construction Research Association. He has been devoted to the research of Legal theory, Legal culture and judicature for many years. He has successively presided over more than 10 national and provincial projects, including Major Projects of National Social Science Foundation, Major Projects of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education. He has written three academic monographs and more than 100 academic papers, which have a high influence in the academic community. He has been awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal" and "Teacher's virtue model" in Jilin Province and Changchun City for many times, and has been awarded as "My favorite teacher" in Law School of Jilin University for five consecutive years.

Major Publications:

1. Li Yongjun, The Chinese Face of the Rule of Law Model from the Perspective of "Family", published on Journal of Global Law Review as the first author, 2019.11, CLSCI.

2. Li Yongjun, Justice as Governance Technology: The Chinese Model of Family Trial, published on Journal of Law Review as the first author, 2019.11, CLSCI.

3. Li Yongjun, The Cultural Dimension of the Subjectivity of the Rule of Law in China, published on Journal of China Legal Science as the first author, 2018.10, CLSCI.

4. Li Yongjun, The Thinking Tradition of "Analogy" and the Judicial Application Technology in Contemporary China, published on Journal of Science of Law as the first author, 2018.5, CLSCI.

5. Li Yongjun, Institutional Conflicts in Judicial Reform and Their Solutions, published on Journal of Studies in Law and Business as the first author, 2017.3, CLSCI.

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