Professor Wen Shuangge Publishes an Article on Catholic University of Law Review

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-01

Prof.Wen Shuangge, researcher of Research Center of Jurisprudence at Jilin University, published an article (The Bumpy Road of Home States’ Extraterritorial Regulation of Globalised Businesses-Legal and Institutional Disruptions to Supply Chain Disclosure Under the Modern Slavery Act) on the international SSCI journal Catholic University of Law Review (2020, Volume 69, page 125-162). Catholic University of Law Review was founded in 1950, which has been included in many high-level databases such as Social Science Citation Index, Scopus, Web of Science and ProQuest. Therefore, it has great international influence in the field of legal research.

The article focuses on the home states’ extraterritorial regulation over its multinational corporations under globalization. From the perspective of latest legislative development of supply chain disclosure and in the context of complex integration between commercial entities, it explores different regulation methods of corporate accountability of human rights on the basis of hard law obligation and soft responsibilities. The article further discusses the lack of coherence in regulation methods in terms of logic and feasibility, and elaborates institutional and environmental constraints on legislation of information disclosure supervision. Taking consideration of legislation processes of other countries, this article clarifies the content of supply chain disclosure, includes multiple forms of transnational supply chain, recommends regulation modes and encourages the use of incentives. The author proposes to coordinate all the regulation methods above in order to establish a framework of multinational corporate accountability of human rights in the context of supply chain.

Multinational corporation has long been missing both on the lists of international law and domestic law. Moreover, the complexity of its location and structure sets up barriers to legal supervision. Existing researches mostly concentrate on the explanatory and conceptual analysis on the regulation methods of international supply chain disclosure, and are lack of comparative discussion and penetration into external institutional and environmental disruptions. This research contributes to increasing the transparency of multinational corporations’ operation, promoting the integration of regulation methods of corporate accountability of human rights in international supply chain and providing reference to relevant researches.